What are Mobile Apps?

For several years now, a revolution has been taking place in software development that parallels similar shifts in the music, publishing, and retail industries. Mass market is giving way to niche market, and with it, the era of highly priced large suites of integrated software has shifted to a new view of what software should be. Mobile operating systems such as Android and iOS have redefined mobile computing, and in the past three to four years, the small, low-cost software extensions to these devices — apps — have become a hotbed of development. Simple but useful apps have found their way into almost every form of human endeavor, and a popular app can see millions of downloads in a very short time. The huge market for apps has spawned a flood of creativity that is instantly apparent in the extensive collections available in the app stores. Online app marketplaces provide an easy and highly efficient way to deliver software that reduces distribution and marketing costs significantly. Mobile apps continue to gain traction in education because they are particularly useful for learning as they enable people to learn and experience new concepts wherever they are, often across multiple devices.

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(1) How might this technology be relevant to the educational sector you know best?

  • Different kind of apps can be used in different projects to vary the learning process and to make "real world activities". My school, Odda ungdomsskole contributed to the ITEC project with a project where we used a gps app called Motionx, a gps app that was used to measure geometrical shapes in the schoolyard. http://youtu.be/7ntStOued5E - sven.o.brekke sven.o.brekke Nov 18, 2014
  • Mobile apps are starting to gain some ground as meainstream digital learning resources - oysteinjohannessen oysteinjohannessen Nov 19, 2014 - stefan stefan Dec 4, 2014- morten.dahl morten.dahl Dec 7, 2014
  • As part of increased use of tablets and mobile phones in schools, mobile apps are used more and more - jan.hylen jan.hylen Dec 5, 2014
  • Many apps give better learning possibilities for pupils with special needs working togheter with other pupils using the same apps. There are som many useful features built in (iOS8 foe example) - berit.engberg berit.engberg Dec 5, 2014
  • As the general user shifts their focus more towards mobile devices (tablets, mobiles, wearables), apps will become an ever more important part of a digital learning ecosystem. - ch.tii ch.tii Dec 6, 2014
  • It will be relevant since this is the area i which all development will be focused, and because the platform is mobile.
  • This is relevant. It is an area with huge focus and it is an area with low costs in Development. - tt.hansenberg tt.hansenberg Dec 7, 2014 - stefan stefan Dec 7, 2014

(2) What themes are missing from the above description that you think are important?

  • I have seen many fantastic apps beeing introduced as a paradigmshift in learningprocesses, but I do not see many examples on the pedagogical and methodology used by teachers in schools. Why is that I wonder - sven.o.brekke sven.o.brekke Nov 25, 2014
  • Teachers need education how to use new technology and tools and apps. Just buying them is not enough.- berit.engberg berit.engberg Dec 5, 2014
  • There will over time be a need for the standardization of metadata and such so that data that currently tends to be locked into an individual app or tech ecosystem (iOS or Android) can be more accessible. - ch.tii ch.tii Dec 6, 2014
  • Currently there is limited knowledge within the educational system on what makes an app work for education and not. There is a great need for futher research and evaluation of digital tools as they enter the market. - ch.tii ch.tii Dec 6, 2014
  • There is to little discussion on how we can develop mobile apps that gives more organized environment that fosters discussion and collaboration between educators and designers. - vibeke.klovstad vibeke.klovstad Dec 7, 2014
  • How can we connect the apps with the backbones of digital resources, like the LMS, the school administrative system, the federated login service? - morten.dahl morten.dahl Dec 7, 2014 - stefan stefan Dec 7, 2014
  • App for improving students reading capacity The project is named "Læseløft Syd" and it is funded by Region Syddanmark Educational fundation.
    http://frontread.dk/ You are able to find relevant material of the project on
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kcj0rTAq4Xk- tt.hansenberg tt.hansenberg Dec 7, 2014

(3) What do you see as the potential impact of this technology on teaching, learning, or creative inquiry?

  • Data collection, especially images - Ellef.fange.gjelstad Ellef.fange.gjelstad Nov 26, 2014
  • Communication between students, and between students and teacher - Ellef.fange.gjelstad Ellef.fange.gjelstad Nov 26, 2014
  • Regardless of functional ability –using this new technology will give adequate conditions to pupils with special needs to fullfil their educational goals in the same way as other pupils. - berit.engberg berit.engberg Dec 5, 2014
  • Increased mobile learning, and informal learning
  • There might be an impact through the diffusion of the temporal and spacial structures that the current school system are locked in to. But the strength of any technology is not greater than that of the knowledge about the technology which is in the hand of the user of it. Here lies the greatest challenge. - ch.tii ch.tii Dec 6, 2014

(4) Do you have or know of a project working in this area?

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